Top 10 Reasons to Book a Tour with SWE

vineyard imageÀ la David Letterman, let's do it in reverse order….

10) No need for a designated driver. Your host is your dedicated driver so all of you can enjoy the wine and the scenery. (Yes, I will be jealous you are tasting good wine while I am drinking water).

9) Special treatment. Many of the wineries we visit will provide exclusive tours and/or tasting areas for our guests. (Don't you already feel special?).

8) Don't get lost – leave that to us! Actually, we know where we are going and know all the best wineries. Plus, during busy weekend events, you don't even have to worry about parking – you get door step service (or as close as we can get to the door without running over the winery dog).

7) No need to stress about where to go - tell us what you like in a wine or winery, and we will help choose places to meet your desires (Not THOSE desires – get your mind out of the gutter!).

6) Save gas, and wear and tear on your vehicles (I didn't say these would all be funny).

5) Feel good about being "green." Our Mercedes-Benz clean diesel is one of the lowest emission vehicles on the road (No, they don't make an electric version – wise guy!).

4) Flexibility. We don't take you just to certain wineries that we want to take you to (like some tour operators). Let us plan an itinerary that includes your favorites. We also offer flexible options for picnic foods catered by Whole Foods Market. Or you can bring your own food. Or, if you had a big breakfast, you can choose to have no food at all (Yoga instructors should be so flexible!).

3) Maybe learn a little. If you are new to wine tasting, your host will be glad to give you some pointers to help you enjoy the experience. Even if you are an experienced wine taster, you may find out about local history or other interesting points that you did not know about. (Alternatively – just tell me to shut up and enjoy the tunes).

2) Save money on wines. Many wineries have agreed to offer special discounts, or combined case discounts, to our guests. For example, if your group purchases a case of wine (12 bottles), each person may save 20% on their purchase, even if a person buys only one bottle. (Commercial disclaimer: Your actual savings may vary).

And the number one reason to book a tour with Sierra Wine Experience (drum roll)…..

1) To make someone's special day something they will never forget! (It's OK if that someone is you – you deserve it!).

In summary…relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery and good wines, leave the driving to us, have fun, and maybe even get some great deals on good wines.

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